Pupil Premium

For the current financial year (2016-2017) we will receive £10400 of 'Pupil Premium' income.

At Kirk Ireton Primary, we have always identified children very early into their time at school who need extra support and therefore all of our pupils make outstanding progress during their time here. To ensure this support continues we are currently using our funding to have a very high adult to pupil ratio at the school which allows us to offer high-quality intervention programmes and for every child to receive a personalised curriculum with more 'teacher time' to ensure that it is of the very highest quality.

Where appropriate, we also use the funding to ensure that no child ever misses out on an experience because of financial constraints.

We analyse all of our data  and review individual strategies every half-term and have clear evidence that pupils who attract the pupil premium perform exceptionally well and are able to close gaps on their peers where these are in evidence upon entry to the school. Due to the small numbers of pupils who receive the pupil premium, we are not able to publish end of key stage results as it may be possible to identify individuals.

If you think your child may be entitled to Free School Meals you can click here to download a form that will help school to check that for you. This is extremely important to the school as we receive an extra £1300 to support children who are entitled to Free School Meals even if they don’t ever actually have the meal. This also applies to infants even though they now all get a free meal as part of the new government scheme. We can provide paper copies of this (all in the strictest confidence) for anyone who thinks they may qualify and once you’ve filled it in, we can do the rest.