Year 5 and 6 Kirk Ireton vs Turnditch Football Match

Turnditch 2 vs Kirk Ireton 0

On Monday 5th of February,Kirk Ireton went to play a match against Turnditch. The captains shook hands and the game began!The first half was very tense with Turnditch nearly scoring but Jamie, our excellent goal keeper, saved almost every one! A couple of tackles by Alex and an aim to score......... NO LUCK!!! 
A few minutes in to the second half Turnditch scored. Bradley and Hayley started the kick off with Nina and Amy in defence, and Alex took the ball,Jamie got ready incase the ball approached. Hayley aimed to score with Amy at her side, a brilliant kick! But no goal.The ball was thrown in once again by Turnditch,they dribbled to the top, kirk Ireton players tried to defend.Jamie dived to the side........Another goal by Turnditch! Bradley and Hayley once again started the kick off,with a pass to Nina. A last tackle by Turnditch,Amy got the ball...The whistle blew GAME OVER!!

Match report by Amy and Hayley