Year 3 and 4 Kirk Ireton vs Turnditch Football Match

Kirk Ireton.......1

In the first half,Kirk Ireton were kicking upwards.The Captains shook hands ".And the game began!Kirk Ireton kicked off,Adam went up the pitch and Joseph passed to him.
Ten minutes into the game Turnditch had a chance but to Kirk Iretons' surprise it was blocked by Matthew (the keeper).Matthew kicked the ball to Rebecca but she got tackled badly. Turnditch went up and scored,it was a surprising goal.When it was half time ,Turnditch kicked off and passed , Miranda tackled and passed the ball to Josh, who then passed to Adam.Adam ran most of the pitch and did a great pass to Joseph, it went straight over the heads of the defenders. Joseph trapped it at his feet,ran and scored. Five minutes after the goal the whistle blew.
The match had ended, it was a draw.

Match report by Joseph and Miranda