Online Learning Games

The following games have all been tested by our KS2 class, although some are very well suited to infants as well!

Literacy Games: We have highlighted the games that are suitable for Infants or older    and the ones that we think are most suitable for reception or older 

Dinosaur Eggs (Reading)

Spelling Patterns Wordsearch (Spelling)

Word Search

Cup Stacking (Keyboard Skills)

Homophones Game (Spelling)

Word Reader (Reading) 

Puppy Letters (Spelling)

Sky Writing (Handwriting)

CVC Pop (Phonics)

Blending Dragon (Phonics)

Letter Lifter (Phonics)

Numeracy Games

Banana Hunt (Angles)

Moles (Multiplication)

Hidden Craft (Coordinates)

Fruit Picker (Angles)

Dino Dig (Coordinates)

Calculator Chaos! (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)

Buried 3D Shape (3D Shapes)

Logic and Problem Solving Games


Sports Smash

Four Piece Tangram Puzzle


Wolf, Sheep, Cabbage

All Lights

Penguin Pass

The following are a list of online gaming websites - please read the notes below*


ICT Games




Puzzle Monster

Free Flash Games


Woodlands Junior School

*Some of these sites may contain links to other sites, advertisements and pop-ups! If you do find anything that you feel is inappropriate, please contact the school immediately using any of the methods listed here. Some of the games contained may be more appropriate for older children, so please use parental discretion and supervision when children are accessing these sites. The list is a mix of educational games sites and sites with more classic 'arcade' games - which vary in educational content - but all tend to be fun!