Music Appreciation Assemblies

During the year, some of our Monday assemblies are devoted to music appreciation. We listen to a wide variety of music and try to identify the instruments, the style and the mood of the music. We also close our eyes and talk about what pictures the music conjures up in our heads.

Below is a selection of the pieces of music we have listened to:

Artist: Sigur Ros

Track: Gobbledigook

Album: Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (2008)


Artist: Era

Track: Ameno

Album: Ameno


Artist: The Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Track: Telephone and Rubber Band

Album: The Penguin Cafe Orchestra


Artist: The Neil Cowley Trio

Track: His Nibs

Album: Loud Louder Stop


Artist: Morton Lauridsen

Track: O Magnum Mysterium

Album: O Magnum Mysterium


Artist: Ulrich Schnauss

Track: Far Away Trains Passing By

Album: Knuddlemaus


Artist: Air

Track: Alone in Kyoto

Album: Talkie Walkie


Artist: Efterklang

Track: Mirador

Album: Parades

You may be able to listen to some of these tracks free (and legally) by using Spotify - you will find details at - it is a music player - a little like internet radio - but you choose the tracks!

There is a simple sign-up and download and you can then access their library of music (not download) - the only drawback with the free version is that they play an advert for new music every few tracks.

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